Universe of A Conquest of the Stars

The Universe of the A Conquest of the Stars is immensely detailed. I have some of it completed right now, but most of it is incomplete. What is complete, however, will be shared here.



Current year at the beginning of the novel: 4356 I.R.C (Imperial Rule Calander)


The Imperium is ruled by Empress Catherina in the year 4337. She has ruled for less than a year, as her father, Kauldian, died of a cancerous growth in his lungs a year earlier. He was growing old, and so instead of telling his surgeons to remove it, he told them to make his death peaceful. Her rule has been seen by many as benevolent and kind, too merciful, a few would say. As such, various Nobles are trying to pressure the young Empress into taking harsher methods against the Resistance as well as the Universal Collective of Allied Planets and Systems.

As well as this, many of the Nobles are trying to sway the Empress to marry their eldest son, or to even marry them. Tradition states that no matches may be made to the Empress or Emperor, and that their ruling partner is made by their choice alone. Despite this, the ruling families often manipulate this by having their children mentored at the Imperial Palace from a young age, hoping that the Heir to the Universe would take a liking to one of their children, and this is usually the case.

As of now, the Imperium rules over thousands of planets and trillions of citizens. The stretch and influence of the Imperium appears endless, and humanity’s conquest of the stars seems limitless.


Imperial Citizen Ranks:


Upper Nobility:

The Upper Nobility are the family members of the Thirty Houses. These Houses were the Houses that supported Charlemagne all those thousands of years ago. House Vixiua is notable for having created the Order of the First Knight Royals, and being extensively loyal to the Malcarn family. There are very few accounts of when the Vixiua Family has been at odds or against the Malcarn family. A few other notable Upper Nobility Houses and Families are: House Cavantale, notorious for their military prowess and their relish for war and feuds. They have a feud with the Galinem Family. One other notable House is House Rainlar, who once tried to usurp the Imperial throne from the Malcarn Family in what is known as the War of Seventeen Traitors. House Cersey is also a pivotal player amongst the Thirty Houses, despite the tragic event that left only two of its members alive.

The Upper Nobility is the pristine top of the Imperium’s Society. They are considered to be the most trustworthy and considered the most effective. They have ‘better’ genes than all the rest because they are borne from the loins of Royalty and Lords and Ladies unlike any others. This is also upheld due to their values. They don’t value their Nobility simply because they were born with it, they value it because they must hold onto it. Each member of the Nobility is permitted a Pulseblade, but each Pulseblade is given to the Upper Nobility at birth, to be their own until death. It often accounts family deeds of their Ancestors, to remind them of their pasts, so that they may go about living for a higher future.

The Upper Nobility pride themselves on being the best in the Imperium. The most intelligent, the greatest fighters, the best tacticians and strategists. The Lower Nobility hunger for positions to increase their reach. The Upper Nobility win them because they are better than all the rest.

The Nobles in general will have the same thoughts: “First onto the battlefields, closest to death, nearest the breath of glory.” They must succeed, and they must be first. It shows their rank, shows their superiority and their lack of fear. It exemplifies them for the troops that follow them.

A member of the Upper Nobility may have access to members of the Imperial Family, however, their soldiers other than their personal retainers are not allowed in the Royal Palace grounds. This law has been around since the Aladaime Rebellion, where the Aladaime family used their soldiers in a feast to strike at the Imperial Family, nearly ending the Malcarn line. Thus, this law holds merit on ancient history.

Being a member of the Upper Nobility means that the Family has preference over all others for positions and such. However, the Imperium is determined to reward those who deserve it, and so if a member of the Lower Nobility, or even just of the Common Class, is a better fit for a select position than the Upper Noble in question, than the Upper Noble will be turned down in favour of someone else. That is only in theory, however, as the Noble class have many connections that can get even their most undeserving into positions of glory.

The Upper Nobility are Houses that command great swathes of Space, sometimes ‘owning’ multiple Sectors of Imperium Space. The Vixiua family owns the Ilkdar Sector, with their capital planet being Saldeth. However, they also own the conjoining Sectors, the Alfarrown Sector, and the Caesaran Sector. Owning such lands means that their individual power is immense, they would be able to take on a number of Imperial Houses just with their own resources, and only once has any Vixiua stronghold been invaded successfully, and that was when Ignatios struck at Saldeth and captured killed Magnus Vixiua and stole away his youngest son, Eleusis Vixiua.

The Upper Nobility is a closed off sector of Imperial Society, no amount of aspirations can add someone to the Upper Nobility. It is not something that is awarded or attributed to anyone at all, it was given out many millennia ago, and as such it will never be given to anyone else. The members of the Upper Nobility are strict in the knowledge that they are superior to all others of Society, and whilst its members are not known for being pretentious, and some are even renowned for their care to Civilians, they will never give up the personal rights that their ancestors claimed for them.


Upper Noble Houses:

House Vixiua: One of the most prominent Houses of the Imperium, they are renowned for being the founding House of the First Knights Royal, the Sacred Defendants of the Majesty. However, they are also renowned for their fierce loyalty to the Malcarn, it weathers even the darkest storms between them, the Malcarn Dynasty has always counted on the loyalty and ferocity of the House Vixiua.

They are Lord Sovereigns of the Saldeth Sector, with their current Lord Sovereign being Kaldratos Vixiua, the eldest and last surviving son of Magnus Vixiua.

Current Members of House Vixiua:

Kaldratos Vixiua:

Born: 4334 I.R.C on the 3rd of the 6th Month

Kaldratos Vixiua serves as Champion of Her Majesty to Catherina Malcarn, he is utterly devoted to her, and is renowned for having defended her from assassination on the day of their meeting. He was made a member of the First Knights Royal at the age of thirteen, after having saved Crown Princess Catherina Malcarn.

Whilst kept from any prominent command for two years, it was rumoured that he lead many excursions of the Royal Guard against treacherous elements, eliminating threats to the Malcarn Dynasty and defending the Malcarn family from harm.

Upon the ascension of Catherina Malcarn, after her father passed away in his sleep, he was immediately named as her Champion and Lord Commander of the Imperial Armada and Forces. There were outcries and objections from other members of the Upper Nobility, as well as Generals and Admirals alike.

They stated that he was too young, that he was not his father. Catherina refuted all of this, reminding all that her word was law. Making certain that nobody would contest this, Kaldratos lead the Royal Guardsmen into the hall, silencing all criticism with an armed force at his back.

Catherina, only eighteen at the age of ascension, was criticised for being too young to know how to rule. Nevertheless, she ruled, without the aid of a Council. She refused to have others make the decisions for her, and boldly and arrogantly lead through example. Kaldratos, ever faithful and by her side, silenced her foes with force or coercion, he would allow no harm to come to his Empress.

Tales of his devotion and courage lead to tales of lies and deceit, stating that he was having an illicit affair with Empress Catherina Malcarn. This, of course, caused even more anger within the Nobility, both Upper and Lower; so, to silence all of this, Kaldratos was sent away, for a period of six months, at the head of an Armada. His official task was to push the Universal Collective back; his secret task was to end the criticism against his position.

He succeeded in both his tasks, he beat back several Universal Collective fleets, he was victorious in every engagement and as such earned the respect of his soldiers. He was revealed as a man who cared for his subordinates deeply. He never risked his soldiers unnecessarily, he never asked them to undertake a task that he, himself was not prepared to face himself. His Frame, Champion, swiftly became renowned on both sides. A saying arose, started by Octavian Lakoln: “They stood firm, they stood strong, they stood proud. Then the Champion brought hell with his fury and death with his blade.”

Without being defeated in battle once, Kaldratos Vixiua completed a campaign worthy of his father’s memory. His campaign became known as the Campaign of a Million Stars – even though he only actually captured just over a thousand Sectors from the Universal Collective.

Having completed his task, Kaldratos returned to Her Majesty, and now stays by her side, defending her from harm and ending threats to her rule.

He is nineteen years of age, the last known member of House Vixiua.


Eleusis Vixiua (Presumed dead):

Born: 4336, 26th of the 12th Month

The second, and last, child and son of Magnus Vixiua and Olivia Bellaron – obviously, later she takes the name Vixiua. Lady Olivia Bellaron died in childbirth of her second son, her son was given life, and hers was taken from her.

Eleusis Vixiua is presumed dead by all of the Imperium, he is stated as having died on the same day as his father, and Kaldratos as being the sole survivor of House Vixiua. It is not known to his brother, or anyone else in the Imperium, that Eleusis Vixiua is still alive, and is now aiding the Universal Collective in their conquests against the Imperium.

Both Eleusis Vixiua and Lelliana Octarna were captured by High Admiral Ignatios Casper and taken to High Lady Randera. The point of the attack on Saldeth was not to eliminate Magnus Vixiua – he was retired and no longer a real danger to the UC, but to capture his offspring, in the hopes that they could be indoctrinated into the UC’s way of thinking and in the hope that they would have the strategic skill to bring the Universal Collective to victory, despite all odds.

Once captured, he served alongside Casper for many months on the return voyage to Ilusia. He was kept a secret, away from the common soldiers. His true identity was a mystery to all but Ignatios’s most trusted advisors.

When Ignatios showed Eleusis and Lelliana to High Lady Randera, he had every intention of seeing Lelliana die, as she was no use to the Universal Collective. She was kept alive solely to appease Eleusis.

Eleusis, once more, stated that he would not even cooperate if any harm came to her at all. Ignatios threatened him, stating that they could whip him into submission Yet, Eleusis asked them if they could whip him into leading their soldiers to victory, as he had worked out their play and plan.

Even so, Ignatios insisted, and Randera relented. Eleusis watched as his betrothed was killed, only to find out moments later that she was still alive, and that Randera had put on a show for the sake of Ignatios.

After Ignatios had left, and Lelliana had been placed into suitable chambers, High Lady Randera disclosed her true plan to Eleusis. He was given three days to consider it, but not permitted to tell anyone of it at all.

After having considered her plan, he agreed to it. He considered everything, how it was betraying his family, the ideals he grew up with, and he had to accept the atrocious acts he knew he would have to commit in order to see the plan come to fruition.

After having secured Lelliana’s safety and assessing that Randera would keep to her bargain, he was shipped off to the Ilusian Military Academy, as was Lelliana, but separately. At this point in time, he was taken in by Myron Polrana, a student at the Academy. He helped both Eleusis and Lelliana, and made sure that neither of them were treated badly or came to any trouble at all. When Eleusis did come to trouble, when he disagreed with an instructor and was nearly kicked from the Academy, Polrana stood up for him and made sure he was well.

Due to their spontaneous appearance at the Academy, they did not get a separate room, so, a triple bunk was sent to the room, where they all slept. It was here that the friendship between the three really fostered. Randera had instructed Eleusis and Lelliana to keep their identities secret, and so they made up their lives, stated that they had both come from one of the far off fringe War Sectors (Sectors that are constantly interchanging between UC control and the control of the Imperium.)

Myron and Eleusis become close friends, mainly because Eleusis projects the love for his believed-deceased brother onto Myron, and sees him as a replacement. Not as a big brother, but someone who he can rely on and who will stand by him.

With Myron’s help, Eleusis learns about the Universal Collective and the differences between the Imperium and the Universal Collective of Allied Planets and Systems. He survives the examinations of the Instructors, their resentment of him is clear, even though they have no idea who he really is – if they did, he would be dead.

Once he has passed the preliminary tests and examinations, and has begun to show and realise his true prowess as a strategist, he delves into studies. He makes great use of the libraries of the Academy to great use. He learns of the military structure of the Universal Collective, of the ranks of the Citizens, how they believe in some strange form of equality, but also based solely on age.

This is something that angers Eleusis greatly, he cares not for the age of men or women, but on their abilities, their strengths, weaknesses, minds and personalities. In the Imperium, he knew many men and women who were far better than those older than them. Age does not bring wisdom, knowledge does, in his view.


Prominent Past members of House Vixiua:


Magnus Vixiua:

Born: 18th of the 6th Month of the Year 3299 I.R.C

Died: 7th of the 5rd Month of Year 4347

The man who is known as one of the greatest Champions of the Majesty ever, renowned for his loyalty, brutality and especially his strategic and tactical cunning. He lost only one battle in his life, and it was because of the greed of his Admirals, not his own folly.

He rose to fame during the Steptones War, he fought alongside the young Admiral ArenGarla as an aide of his. He helped plan and orchestrate many key battles against the Planet of Avannbelle. He was there for the decisive final battle, when only a single shot was fired, and when Fraenus Bemorae surrendered his fleet, forces and gave himself up, in exchange for all of his soldiers and people remaining unmolested by ArenGarla’s fleet.

It is stated that Vixiua tried to dissuade ArenGarla from disobeying the Imperial Command. ArenGarla, once a friend of Freanus, did not wish to see his friend paraded, mocked and humiliated before the Noble and imperial Courts. In an act of defiance, ArenGarla declared. “No, he will die as he lived. Pick up your blade, Fraenus. Fight for your cause, one last time.” After the duel was completed, Fraenus lay dead upon the bridge, and ArenGarla was wounded, his left shoulder having been stabbed by Fraenus.

It was a scene that Vixiua would later would recall with vivid graphicness in his memoirs; he stated that those two men, once friends, then enemies, loved each other as brothers. They fought for different causes, yet they loved each other all the same; so much so that ArenGarla was willing to sacrifice his Command, his honour and his life to give his friend an honourable death.
“Were it not for the sacrifice of one Admiral ArenGarla, it would not have been I who lead the Imperium’s Armada’s against our rebellious foes, but the man named ArenGarla. Born of the Lowest Nobility, without a credit to his Family’s name, he was the greatest of us Nobles, yet he will be remembered as one of the worst. The histories will tell of a man who, in an act of grave defiance and stupidity, disobeyed his Emperor’s command and gave a fool a fool’s death, and earned himself his own. Yet, they will be silent, silent on the love and honour that he held within.”

He was deeply saddened when the Armada Overseer stormed the bridge with a platoon of soldiers, decreeing that His Majesty Clavius had ordered the immediate detainment of Admiral ArenGarla for disobeying an Imperial Command. The decree also stated that the man would be beheaded by Her Imperial Highness Avalone Merivial, the Emperor’s Champion, and lover. The Overseer felt no ill will towards Admiral ArenGarla, yet he carried out his orders without hesitation.

During a proceeding such as this, the closest advisors and friends of the accused Admiral or General or Noble are usually executed as well, in case he wished to breed insubordination. However, Magnus was saved execution, and was transferred to the Institute on Capitallium, where he met Kauldian Malcarn, the later Emperor of the Imperium, and forged a lifelong friendship with him through the institute.

Magnus Vixiua was first given command of the 77th Imperial Grand Fleet – yet it was far from Grand It was a mottled jumble of reserves, soldiers and criminals. Caught deserters and vagabonds. He was given command of this rattled fleet because Emperor Clavius was suspicious of Magnus Vixiua after his close friendship to ArenGarla, and he did not want Magnus to influence his own son in such matters.

However, he swiftly proved efficient in command. He inspired loyalty and effectiveness. His rhetoric mesmerised his new soldiers, and he implored them to the greatest of their abilities. He turned a backwater fleet into an effective fighting force.

When the Imperial Admirals of the 5th Grand Fleet were defeated in battle, Magnus was sent in to hold the Universal Collective at bay. It was a suicide mission, and hell was raised in the Imperial Court because of this. Because Vixiua had no siblings, and no offspring. If he died, he would be the end of one of the greatest Houses in the Imperium, the greatest, others would argue.

Yet, death eluded him that day, and for many others. Not only did he hold them at bay, he won a crushing victory and sent their forces scurrying away. The largest Rebel force amassed against Imperial rule had been decisively defeated by a twenty-two year old.

Yet, disaster struck then. Clavius was assassinated, and nobody knew who the perpetrator was. The hunt was mad, soldiers of the Royal Guard invaded every home that had a lead, even a small one. The Order of Cinder began mass killings and purging, sending Deathless to depose of even the faintest threat.

Magnus returned to Capitallium with his soldiers, offering aid to His Majesty and offering him a safe haven. Kauldian accepted, and the two made for Saldeth with the Imperial Fleet joined with Magnus’s.

When a second assassin was found in an attempt to kill Kauldian, it increased the fear even more. The plot was foiled by Magnus, who reportedly cut the assailant down from the shadows – the man was hidden within an InvisCloak, yet somehow Magnus knew he was there and ended the threat. It won him fame and respect and admiration, but most importantly, he was given the rank of Champion of His Majesty for Kauldian Malcarn. This set his path immediately. He organised the Royal Guard, declared Martial Law in several systems, blocking their trade and military might, and began the largest political purge in the history of the Imperium. Approximately two millions minor families and Houses were wiped out as he obliterated the threats to Kauldian.

He received criticism for this later in his life, as he followed every lead, verified them and then eliminated his targets. He personally set fire to a planet, using an Atmosphere Eradicator to make the entire planet uninhabitable for those who lived on it. Because of his brutality, he is often referred to as the Demon Behind the Throne – a statement that lead to even more deaths. He was seen as the true man behind the Throne, as Kauldian was occasionally viewed as weak for his lack of love for war. He sent Magnus to deal with his enemies, instead of actually facing them himself.

Some say that this was part of the reason that Magnus Vixiua resigned from public life and retreated to Saldeth, away from the life of politics, Court and war. Maybe Kauldian commanded it, or maybe Magnus realised grandeur wasn’t all it was supposed to be. Those who knew him well knew that in the space above the planet of Ilusia, in the Ilusian Star Sector, they knew that he bled and gave everything for the war. Not for grandeur, and that he resigned not because Kauldian ordered it; in actuality, Emperor Kauldian begged him to stay, even tried to command him to. Yet, Magnus Vixiua resigned so that he could lead a life where death was not part of his every day, a life where he spent his time with his wife and child.

His wife died in childbirth bearing Eleusis Vixiua into the world.

He lost one battle, yet that defeat later lead to his death when Saldeth was invaded and Magnus Vixiua was captured, and then killed.


Terrian the Darkblade:

Born: 1st of the 8th Month 4261 I.R.C

Death: 16th of the 4th Month 4320 I.R.C

Cause of Death: Took a pill of cyanide alone in his chambers after nearly beating his daughter to death.

Offspring: Magnus Vixiua (Born: 4299 – Death: 4347 I.R.C), Ashlyn Vixiua (Born: 4303 – Death: 4322 I.R.C)

The Darkblade, famed for his black pulseblade. When he was eight years old, his father – Daedalus Vixiua – mother – Ashlyn Vellia – and two sisters – Amelia Vixiua and Katerina Vixiua – were all assassinated. Caught up in a plot between the Malcarn family and a faction amongst the Lower Nobility, which became known as the Levaline Movement. House Levaline lead the rebellion, striking at the Upper Nobility. They did this not in open rebellion, but as a symbol of their power and reach.

He was allowed to live, for the sole reason of telling the story.

Four other Upper Nobility Houses had similar happenings, one child alive, to keep them alive, but to let them all know the threat that they faced.

At this point in time, nobody knew that it was a faction of the Lower Nobility. The Levaline Family had desired control of the Clavian Star Sector for the entirety of Lord Adrius Levaline’s life. Terrian Vixiua, now Lord Sovereign of Saldeth at the age of eight, and still in the Noble Learning Academy of Capitallium. When he learned of the death of his family, he did not weep. He did nothing. He sat down, told the attendant to leave him, and reportedly stared at a wall for three hours.
He thought it was another test, that they just wanted to test his resolve, his determination and strength.

It was only a week later when he was called to the School Commandant’s Office to discuss the running of his family’s estate while he was finishing his training and learning. When he realised it was true, at the age of eight, he immediately resigned from the Noble Learning Academy, choosing to be tutored by advisors and learn in his own time than be stuck in a school.

He requested an audience with Emperor Marxian and Crown Prince Clavian, speaking of the death of his family members, and the want for justice for the dead. Marxian had received similar reports from several others Upper Nobility Houses, and so this worried him. Someone was systematically eliminating the Upper Nobility. He did not see it as an attack on the Upper Nobility themselves, more so, he assumed that the person was weakening his allies, those who would support the Malcarn Dynasty without fail in any event.

Wanting to keep House Vixiua alive and well, Marxian ordered Terrian as a retainer to Crown Prince Clavian. His tutors and advisors were dismissed, and Terrian began to learn both beneath and alongside the Crown Prince. He received the best educators that the Universe could offer, the brightest minds and the greatest teachers. He was also protected from any assassination attempt on his life, due to the Royal Guard.

However, when Terrian was of the age of fourteen, he was introduced to Crown Princess Fraela. The two formed a great friendship, as Terrian was lonely in the Summer Palace, and Fraela had been kept far away, separate from her brother and father in case of assassination attempts. Both had suffered, Terrian had lost his family, Fraela had been shut away from everyone.

Yet, all would not remain well for Terrian, on his fifteenth birthday, Fraela pronounced to her father and his attending Nobles that she intended to marry Terrian. It was seen as a good match, the Crown Princess and a Lord Sovereign, perfect. It also kept House Vixiua loyal to the throne in any eventuality, and so all was acceptable.
However, Marxian did not last the night. Several cloaked frigates made it through the Summer Palace’s defense shield without being detected.

The Grand Hall was blasted open, soldiers burst through the holes, firing on the Nobility stationed in the room. The Royal Guard was immediately en-route, yet it would take them several minutes to arrive in force.

It didn’t matter. Every single Noble is trained in the Way of Regalia. In a close-combat situation, they would have been deadly to any opponent. But when facing frigates armed with nothing and naked aside from ceremonial dress, they could do nothing. Hundreds of the greatest Nobles were killed that night, while Fraela was cut in half while trying to save Terrian. She died right in front of him, having killed her opponent as he killed her.





Lower Nobility:

The Lower Nobility are the Noble Houses that have been allowed to live and survive as time went on under the Malcarn rule. Some of these Houses are thousands of years old, as Ancient as the Houses of the Upper Nobility. Yet, that does not matter, only the Thirty Houses are considered members of the Upper Nobility, and as such they are revered above all else. This angers quite a few members of the Lower Nobility, who feel that they deserve more recognition than they are receiving.

The Houses of the Lower Nobility are numerous, with genuinely millions of Houses being in existence, as they are the Governors of cities, or sometimes planets. However, normally they are in control of only a city, or not even that. The Lower Nobility is constantly being strengthened and enlarged, as the Lower Nobility also oversees the citizens of the Imperium that are appointed due to their loyalty, servitude and skill of arms.

Because of this tendency to appoint people to the Lower Nobility for great deeds, it has become something that is seen as a polluted mess of the entitled and the arrogant. In fact, they, more so than the members of the Upper Nobility, have a tendency to treat their lessers cruelly and without any amount of respect.

However, being a member of the Lower Nobility has an added benefit of allowing the title holder to be appointed to Civil Positions, or to serve as a member of a Second Knight Royal, to a First Knight Royal. The appointment to the Order of the Lower Nobility allows for a greater advancement and eventual rank. Meaning that they could someday wield considerable amounts of power.

However, some Lower Nobility Houses/Families may be nei6ther wealthy prosperous or truly respected. Such as the Lotar Family, the only thing that Alexian Lotar has to his name is a War-Frame, which he brought and customised after selling all of his Family’s property. He decided that he would make his future through the war that had lasted half a decade. His parents and sister were killed in an assassination attempt when he was younger, leaving him as the sole ruler of the Lotar estates – a lavish mansion on Capitallium’s Lords Area.

Patrician Class:

The Patrician Class is made up of wealthy citizens who have achieved some fame and respect within the imperium. They have not yet earned the rank of being of the Lower Nobility, but they are seen as privileged and ruling above the Common Class. This sets them apart from others, but only for the great wealth that they have.

One of the Malcarn rulers once mentioned how the Patrician Class is more important than all the others combined, and this is due to the fact that the entire Commerce section of the Imperium is run by the Patrician Class, overseen by lords, of course. With them striving to enrich themselves with trade, they create and aid the economy in all of the Sectors, which helps the Imperium flourish so fantastically.

The Patricians are the ones who give patronage to the Common Class, they are the ones who keep people employed, and the people who, as such, rule the businesses and commerce of the Imperium.

Common Class:

The Second lowest tier of Citizenship in the Imperium, they make up the largest Class of citizenship in the Imperium. They are the Citizens who are not very well educated, such as those who may have never gone to College or sought out higher education, but they may also include those who are unemployed without any wealth. You are a part of the Common Class if you have a wealth of under 5 Million Credits to your name. (A fact which subjugates everyone in the Common Class to their class for eternity, as property is the greatest way to build wealth and assets, as well as the fact that all Common Class jobs pay atrociously.) This includes foreigners from the Universal Collective that come to the Imperium. The Common Class is not allowed to own more property than one apartment per family. Meaning that, should a couple get married, they must still live with one partner’s parents. Only when a family has four or more generations in their family are they eligible to create an entirely separate household and apartment for one family.

The Common Class has few rights: They have the rights to drink, water and food. Should they be unable to provide for themselves, then they are given food by the Imperium’s Welfare service. However, a family can get more rations should at least two of their children join the army. This is preferable for the families locked in poverty anyway, as a single heroic act from one of their children could immediately put them into better standards and living conditions.

However, the Common Class does not have the right to own multiple properties, or assets. The Common Class does not have the right to start or own a business, or the Right of Wealth, which is when the Imperium pays said people a weekly amount of money, solely for existing. (This is a Right that the Upper Nobility and the Lower Nobility has.)
They have the Right of Choice, which allows them to choose their partners, divorce their partners, sleep with people other than their partner etc. All legally.
However, the Imperium can strip them of the meagre properties that they have at any time, the Imperium can simply take everything away from them, regardless of what they say or try. They do not have the Right of Justice, their issues are their own, and the Imperium wants no part of their quarrels or murders.

However, despite this lack of rights and the harsh system with which they live under, they don’t live horrible lives. They have liveable conditions, food, water, shelter, warmth. They have communities and friends and families and loved ones. The Common Class rarely starve, as the Imperium’s Quaestors are diligent in seeing the people under their jurisdiction cared for, as their own wealth and finances depends on the wellbeing of the people they ‘rule’ over.
Yet, for all of this, should they ever commit a crime against a better, even if it is someone of the Patrician Class, they earn death. No disrespect is allowed against one who is of a Higher Class. That is simply how the Imperium is, it is based upon respect for the Empress or Emperor, which means respect and loyalty to one’s betters.

Every Commons Class individual is forced to go to school from the age of five until twelve. During this time they are taught the basics of mathematics, literature, history, geography, and more. However, at the start and end of each day, they kneel before a statue of the current ruler and repeat the Oath of Fealty over and over for the last half hour. During the day, their last two periods are all dedicated to the History of the Emperors and Empresses of the Imperium, until they can recant from memory and heart the first hundred rulers, and the last hundred rulers. They learn of their great deeds, how the Imperium was founded, the ideals it was founded upon and why. The struggles that Charlemagne went through to conquer most of Western Europe, and how he became known as the First Holy Roman Emperor, God’s Sword of War.

This teaching of history, of the culture of the Imperium and the reasons why it is where it is in the present all ingrain the idea of loyalty and immense patriotism in the listeners. The entire school curriculum was designed so as to indoctrinate people into the idea that the Imperium is ruled by the Emperors and Empresses because they know best, because they have been chosen by the Divine Power to rule for eternity.
The Imperium also uses propaganda on the planets, bombardments of tales of valour and loyalty to the Emperors and Empresses, names of ‘legendary’ heroes and warriors appear everywhere, the deeds of Kaldratos Vixiua, his Six Knights of Valour and his Invictus Armada all swarm around on screens, showing him as the perfect soldier, someone for everyone to aspire to.
Other heroes appear also, Magnus Vixiua, Morean Teryn – the Duchess of Carou, and the Poisoner of Lacaius. Each man or woman shown to the very extremes of reality, their deeds exaggerated and fantasised, all so that the Common Class citizens will look to them and hope, hope to be like them one day.

It works, each generation tells their own children of the ‘Heroes of their Day’, soldiers return home and tell of how they saw these legendary figures fight, how they fought beside them and defended them. It’s a better alternative than to tell their family how they saw metal explode into space, how eyes were boiled out of heads and how men screamed as they burned in their Frame’s cockpit.

Through this indoctrination, the rulers of the Imperium have created a society where they are the single most important person in existence. Where loyalty to them means everything to the Common man and woman, as well as every other individual in the Imperium who had an education. They have created a society where they are key to everything, where loyalty isn’t even questioned.

The Surface Dwellers:

The Surface Dwellers are the lowest order of citizens in the Imperium. The largest community of the Surface Dwellers is on Capitallium, where they are now leading a Resistance against the Imperium and the Malcarn Dynasty. They are the offspring and descendants of those who were too poor to pay for one of the Complexes when Earth – later renamed Capitallium – started going up and up, instead of outward. They have no rights, and are not even recognised as citizens. The food and water they get is the basest of scraps. The water lies in a stagnant pond, and is refilled once every few months, so for the last few days they go without water, as nobody cares whether they live or die.

Their lives are atrocious. The Imperium has multiple ‘street lights’ that are powered on the Surface, so that the Surface Dwellers have some amount of light. However, many are broken and do not work at all, and some haven’t worked for centuries. They live in darkness due to the scale of the buildings that tower over them, blocking out the sun. As well as this, the water that they are given is contaminated, you’ll get sick no matter what, and the only medication you can get is the medication that others have been able to make from the scraps they are given. It amounts to useless medicine that could barely stop a headache.
The food they are given is also as bad. There is not enough food given each day to feed little over half of the Surface Dwellers on Capitallium. Because of this, many have long ago resorted to Cannibalism, and now hint the darkened streets of the Surface in hopes of finding a lone child, or anyone who they think they could take on. Despite this hunting in packs, few tribes would ever strike at the Imperium’s soldiers. The men and women that patrol the Surface are the soldiers that are brave and astute enough to survive it, they travel in packs of fifteen, with the ability to call in a unit of Frames if anything strikes at them, or if they need to cull the unrest.

With so few rights and a life that is not worth living, many of the Surface Dwellers turn to violence and hatred. Not that they can do much, they have very few supplies, and no water or food to make themselves strong or healthy. Their weapons break, they have nothing that can do even the slightest bit of damage against the Imperium’s forces, buildings or soldiers. They could beat a soldier to death, but only just before the Frames that patrol the area open fire. It is a fight that they could never win.

Because of this unrest, the Imperium conducts what they call “Acceptance Operations” Where they make the lower populous more ‘accepting’ of their rule by eradicating the dangerous elements. The Imperial Civilians that are higher than the Surface Dwellers, this is all just a way of life, the removal of those who are against the Majesty’s rule has always been a way of keeping the peace. Whether bloodily or bloodlessly, they recognise that peace and order must be kept, that to disobey the Majesty is death.

The Surface Dwellers do not have a life to look forward to, there is nothing that they can live for. They have no professions, no hope, no civilisation. They are barbaric, they scavenge and they kill, they murder and rape. They are motivated solely by their primal instincts, because they have become nothing more than a husk of the human soul.
Because of this, they are viewed by most of the aristocracy as animals, not as humans. The Society has been as it has for so many years that there is no attachment any more, no guilt, only a complete disregard and detachment from those lesser than them.


Military Ranks of the Imperium:


Within the Imperium, order and discipline are seen as the pinnacle foundations of their civilised society. Within the Military, everyone has a job to do. Every ranked individual has a specific role and purpose. The Supreme Commander creates grand stratagems and tactics, planning for the future, after each battle, where the fleets will go, what planets they will strike at. How many casualties are acceptable before the operation will have to be cancelled. Alternatives, branching paths that they could take in case something goes wrong…

The Commandant controls his unit, leading them in battle, charging forth towards his enemy with his soldiers at his back. It is his duty to kill. To be the strength that his men will draw from in their times of hardship and bloodlust.

In the Imperium, order is everything. The chain of command is everything. Everyone serves a purpose.



Emperor or Empress:

The Emperor or Empress commands the entirety of the Imperium’s Armada and Forces. There is no argument when they give a command, no brooking or disagreements. They receive the orders, and it is their duty to see it succeed, even if they truly believe it is doomed to fail. However, the Empress or Emperor, if strategically inept – and aware of this – is likely to give over their command to either their Champion, or to the Supreme Commander of the Armada and Forces. Empress Catherina gave her military power over to her Champion Kaldratos Vixiua.

Supreme Commander and Champion of the Majesty:

These ranks have immensely different roles concerning the Imperium, however, they have the same military rank concerning the Imperial Armada and Forces. Both of these men or women are seen as the ultimate commanders of the Imperium, and will have last say on everything, assuming the Ruler does not interfere. Despite the fact that both ranks are different, but considered equal, the Champion is likely to have last say on all matters, as the Champion “Speaks with the Majesty’s Voice’ and merely needs to invoke this command to see any order they give done.
Another difference is how the Supreme Commander will usually stay behind the lines, mostly on Capitallium, and plan out the overall strategy for the Imperium’s forces. Whilst the Champion of the Majesty is usually dispatched to the frontlines to deal with the war on a personal level, and to inspire the Imperium’s soldiers to even greater effort. The Supreme Commander is considered the first of the Four Strategists, and as such his word overrules their own.

Three Strategists:

Appointed by the Majesty or the Supreme Commander, these three Strategists are the Commanding Advisors to the Empress or Emperor, as well as the Supreme Commander. However, the Supreme Commander’s role is to advise the Majesty as well, and as such, the Supreme Commander is also known as the First Strategist, and is ‘Head’ of the Three Strategists – making the Four Strategists. The Three Strategists all swear to be honest and straightforward when giving advice. They foreswear their House and their loyalty to all prior masters, they now serve, and solely serve, the Majesty of the Imperium. Thus their loyalty and sage advice is critical when it comes to military decisions. Under Empress Catherina, this position has withered into a more honorary one, whereas she allows her Champion to dictate the strategy of the war, something that many Nobles have qualms with.
Nevertheless the Three Strategists remain a prominent force in the war effort, often sending advice to both Kaldratos and Her Majesty Catherina. While they occasionally disagree with that tactics that Kaldratos takes, they are pleased with his progress, and believes that he is a man to match the legend of his father, Magnus Vixiua. Despite their irritation at first at being side-lined, they recognise that it is for the good of the Imperium for Kaldratos to have the majority command of the Imperial Armada and Forces. However, the Supreme Commander is vehemently against this, and takes great offense. Because of this, he seeks to tear Kaldratos’s reputation apart. Which Kaldratos knows, what Kaldratos does not know his how Catherina has defended him at every term, sometimes directly, and other times using her allies and her power to silence the Supreme Commander’s accusations and subtlety.

Grand Admiral:

The first of the on-duty High Commanders for the Imperium. The Grand Admirals are Admirals who can command an entire Armada, instead of simply a fleet. An Armada is comprised of at least seven fleets, and the Grand Admirals are known as some of the greatest commanders that the Imperium has to offer, with the position only going to those with true merit and those who are deserving of the appointment. There are few of them within the Imperium, less than twenty in total, despite the vastness of the Imperium’s fleets, they are picky about giving the position out – as an Armada is strong, and they learnt from Lacaius’s betrayal that although a man seems loyal, he could harbour ill intentions. The Grand Admirals are part of the High Officer Assembly, and as such are present – either in person or through communication-Hologram – when the Empress or Emperor makes a military decree, or wishes to be given counsel on the best course of action.

Commander General:

This is the position that the greatest of Generals aspire to, these who command the Forces of the Imperium, working alongside the Imperial Admiral that they have been placed with. Technically the two are of equal rank, but it is expected for the Commander General to obey the commands of a Grand Admiral. The Commander General is much more common than a Grand Admiral, but they still wield tremendous military power, considering that a Commander General is in charge of all military personnel within his jurisdiction, meaning that technically he can command the Guardsmen of the Grand Admiral, and his own ground forces, should the Commander General ever want or need to. This causes an issue with Frames, as they are considered a part of the fleet, but are being deployed for ground assaults more and more often, many Grand Admirals and Commander Generals come to disagreements over who should have command of the WAR-FRAMES. The Commander Generals have command over all military personnel within their given Command, normally within several or more Sectors, or assigned to the command of multiple fleets, thus having ultimate command over the Generals of the Fleet.

First Knights Royal:

These Eighteen Knights (Nineteen if including the Champion of the Majesty) are the chosen few within the Imperium. They double as the personal guards of the Majesty, as well as Commanders of the Imperium. While their rank is officially on the level of a Grand Admiral, they are above every single military person. The commands they give are adhered to and seen through. A First Knight Royal could command any unit of soldiers, even should they have been given commands directly from the Supreme Commander themselves. They are trusted with the Majesty’s life, chosen by the Majesty for their loyalty, their skill with weapons, and their overall merits. These men and women are expected to be above all others, and are given command of vast Armadas and fleets, they are the few that the Majesty trusts utterly, they are not followed by an Overseer, they are not required to report each and every military engagement. They are expected to be given a broad objective, and to see it through, to see it completed. Because of the fact that they are allowed to work autonomously, they end up being very effective in the war effort. Not beholden to the whims of the political worms back in the Royal Summer Palace.

Generals and Admirals:

these two positions work hand in hand, and they are always assigned together as a team. The Admiral has command over the fleet, and is seen distinctly as the superior of the General. The Admiral commands when the invasion happens, devises the plan for the invasion – with the input, advice and assistance of the General – and will receive the credit should it go well. However, despite all of this, the General will have the command of the Ground Forces, and as such will have complete command as the invasion is underway.  The General is responsible for the invasion in itself, and may, as soon as the battle begins, may disregard the plan the Admiral assigned him or her and go through with his own idea. However, should it all go poorly, the General will likely be dismissed for his or her failure, while the Admiral will be praised as the one who held a higher knowledge than the General. However, should the General’s plan work out, he or she will be credited immensely for their superb eye for strategy. This creates a balance between the ambition of the two positions, as well as their prerogative to achieve victory together.
This is an irregularity, however, as the duo of Admiral and General are usually a team selected for their ability to work together. It is rare that a General and Admiral will be paired should they have no knowledge of each other prior to it. This is because the Imperium relies on the ability of its individual soldiers, and so it does not want to shoot itself in the foot by making things to competitive, or to pit the General and Admiral against each other. The brilliance of two is much better compared to the mediocrity of one.

Military Advisor:

A Military Advisor is an honorary position, and it goes along with whatever rank they have already been assigned. (Such as Military Advisor Captain Theryn). However, its duties are not honorary, the Military Advisor – assigned to anyone at or above the rank of Admiral or General – aside from the Ruler. – is expected to give sage advice and counsel to the General or Admiral who he or she has been assigned to. It is their duty to cover their master’s mistakes, and to see what the Commander cannot, so as to avoid catastrophes or military blunders. Should the Military Advisor stop a horrific defeat and turn it into a victory through his or her skill, he will not be praised. It is seen as the duty and job of the Military Advisor. It is the title given to those who have been handpicked to someday become Generals or Admirals. Because of this, those who hold this title actually wield a great amount of power within their army, and they have the prerogative to command the Armada or Forces in the absence, incapacitation or death of their superior. However, even with that, they are permitted to command wings of the army, and as such a flank or the centre is usually delegated to the Military Advisor, so that the General does not have to be concerned with a certain area of the battle.
The title of Military Advisor can be bestowed upon an Officer of any rank, even if they have been sent straight from the Officer Academy. It is based upon merit, experience.


The CC’s of the Imperium are versatile commanders. Trained to be able to command various units to victory, regardless of the situation. The Captain-Commandants are not specialised, they do not strictly command one unit and are not limited to commanding Frames or Infantry men, or even a ship in a fleet.  The Captain-Commandants are chosen because of their ability to think of various solutions and scenarios. They are not people who rely on logic, but men and women who are diverse, who can change the game that their opponents play and to win even in the most unlikely of scenarios. These men and women are ferried across the Imperium, dancing from battle to battle, commanding different Legions of men, taking on suicide missions and completing them, coming back alive and whole. They are the unsung heroes of the Imperium, the men and women who risk their lives with never a moment of respite. They are assigned their task, their objective, and once it is through, they are given another task, or assigned to a new fleet or force.
They also occasionally take on the role of Military Advisor, without actually being given the title, they are viewed as valuable assets upon the battlefield, and as such their judgement is trusted from those in command, even if their superior is not necessarily in agreement with them.
Due to the nature of those that are assigned the rank of Captain-Commandant, there is very little advancement for these men and women. They are seen as elite soldiers, as the pinnacle of commanders that can think swiftly. But, they are never assigned more than a few units, and their missions are always the most dangerous that they could possibly be. It is very rare for a Captain-Commandant to spend an extended amount of time with any one unit or legion, and as such, they have few friends within the military.

Armada/Force Overseer:

These men and women are chosen from the Order of Cinder, they are sent as the Ruler’s eyes and ears within a specific Armada or Force. Every Admiral and General has one assigned to him. They are the ones who evaluate the performance of the Admiral or General. This can range from loyalty to the Ruler, actual skill at command, and the way the man or woman treats their soldiers. If the Admiral or General is found lacking, corrupt or stupid, then the Overseer will simply send such a report to the Majesty, and the man or woman will be removed from command – and promptly executed for disgracing themselves.
As well as this, the Overseer acts as the potential assassin for the Majesty. They are trained to eliminate all threats to the Majesty concerning the Military. However, they are given free rein to act independently, autonomously. The Majesty entrusts in them the power to keep the Imperium’s Admirals and Generals and Commanders loyal, or to remove them if they are not.  This became much stricter once Lacaius betrayed the Imperium and took hundreds of Sectors in a matter of weeks, as the Majesty at the time, Emperor Kauldian, had no wish for this to repeat itself, ever again.

Commandant Generals:

These are the men and women that answer to their Generals or the Admirals. They are soldiers who are the direct subordinates to the Commanders. They are the men and women who are given commands of a group during battle, such as the right flank or the left flank, or the centre. They are good commanders, and are chosen because they will eventually become Generals or Admirals in their own right. They are the ones who have been entrusted by their Commanders to lead soldiers, to lead them to victory and see the Imperium emerge victorious in the battle ahead. That is because the Admiral or General will oversee the battle on a larger scale, while these men and women are tasked to oversee their part of the battle in much more detail. They have their own subordinates who command soldiers as well. Commandant generals are one of the Low Class Officers, and as such have little military benefits or rights attributed to their rank. However, many of the Commandant Generals will also be the ones holding the rank of Military Advisor in their Armada or Force. As such, a Commandant General with the honorary title of Military advisor would be expected to rise swiftly through the ranks to become and Admiral, when the need arises, or to even be promoted to Admiral or General when his own commander is promoted higher than the position.


A Legion Commandant is a man or woman who is in command of a legion. A Frame Legion consists of forty thousand Frames – ten Units – while an Infantry Legion is comprised of two hundred thousand infantrymen – twenty Units. They are prime leaders, and will have proved themselves in battle time and time again. They are good with logistics, capable of leading large groups of soldiers in a coordinated effort with their fellow Legion-Commandants under the orders of their Commandant Generals.
The Legion-Commandants are cruicial in battle, as they allow for the battlefield to be delegated on an even greater level.


A Commandant is a soldier in command of an individual unit. (Four thousand for Frames and ten thousand for infantry.) It is the first Low Class Officer position with any real power or rank within the military. Their duty is to command their soldiers on the battlefield and to see their commander’s orders through. They answer to either the General, or the Commandant General.  As the first Low Class Officer rank, it comes with some prestige, but it does not give one much sway on the overall political field, or the battlefield. Individually, this simply means that the person assigned it has some skill with the leading of soldiers.


This rank is the rank of the sub-commanders within a Unit. There are usually two of these, and they are there to take command should anything happen to the Commandant. They are his hands; they reach where he cannot. They do tasks and commands ranks within his Units while the Commandant presides over a specific portion of his or her troops. That is their duty, to see his or her orders through, and to replace the Commandant’s leadership should they die.


Military Units and Departments of the Imperium:


The Royal Guard:

The Royal Guard are the defenders of the Imperium’s ruling family, the Malcarn Dynasty, and have been since the very creation of the Imperium in 1. I.R.C (Imperial Rule Colander). The Royal Guard is comprised of many Nobles and commoners alike, great soldiers of countless battles, Knights of the High Order of the Rose, or Nobles who have dedicated themselves to earning a position amongst the Guard. There is no discrimination placed upon birth, the Guard serves, the Guard dies. They live and die by the Majesty’s command. Each and every Guardsmen swears the same oath when he is entered into the Guard.
From this day forth, I have no family.
No friends. No wife. No husband.
No children.
I forsake who I was, I forsake my parents, my grandparents, all and every generation to come before me.
From this day, until my last day, I hold the name of Malcarnson; I will defend my father, the Emperor, I will defend my mother, the Empress.

I live and die by your command, Your Majesty. My blade will strike down your foes, my life and blood will shield your own.
From this day forth, I am nothing, until you make me something.
Hail to Your Majesty! Hail to the Malcarn Dynasty!

The Royal Guard, while responsible for the safety of the Majesty, are also responsible for any family members, or important people that the Majesty orders them to protect. They are in charge of defending the Majesty’s estates across the Imperium, defending many manors and lake-houses and acting as Guardsmen wherever and whenever the Majesty may visit.

However, they are also elite soldiers, and may be deployed at the whim of the Majesty to any scenario. This is not uncommon, the Royal Guard are often deployed to as the bodyguards of the Champion of the Majesty, or are deployed to quell unrest amongst the Nobles if the Order of Cinder has heard that there is a chance of a large uprising.

When there was a rumour that High Admiral Lacaius was going to rebel with his Grand Armada, the Royal Guard were immediately dispatched to seize all property and land owned by High Admiral Lacaius. A decree was also sent out that all family members, allies, and close friends of Lacaius were to be detained, imprisoned or executed. It amounted to a purge of the Nobility, where rumours and lies lead to the deaths of hundreds and the eradication of many Lower Noble families.


Command Guard:

The Command Guard are the soldiers assigned to the defence of the Bridge of any naval vessel within the Imperium. Their numbers can range from as little as two or three for a frigate, to as many as seventy for a Dreadnaught. On the Imperial Grand Fleet of Her Majesty Catherina, the flagship, Everain, has a Command Guard (All Royal Guard members) of over two hundred soldiers.

However, Command Guard can also refer to the Guardsmen of the Commander, yet only men or women of the rank Grand Admiral or above have a permanent Command Guard for their very person.


Garrison Guard:

The Garrison Guard encompasses the entire Department of the Police and Security force of the entire Imperium. They stop crime from happening, they are the emergency response units, the medics, everything to do with accidents, fires, murders, shootings. Everything.

The Garrison Guard has sub units within it, all based upon the ranks of those whom they are defending.

Praetorian Legions:

The Praetorian Legions are the defenders of the Lords Areas in the Capitallium City Sections. They are the Police force for the Nobility, and the very best soldiers that can be employed for their tasks. They defend the Upper five blocks of the City Sections, and keep vigil lest any man or woman of lower birth should come within these sections.

On Capitallium, their uniform is black and a deep blue and gold. They have the best equipment available to them, and are heavily trained. The Praetorian Legions may also be brought off planets to act as assault units, if the need arises.


Common Defence Unit:

The CDU are the largest military force in the entirety of the Imperium, as they defend the Mid Sections of the cities and planets. There are hundreds of millions of these men and women employed. They are decent soldiers, not terrible, a little bit above the average. Intelligent, keen, but not exceptional.



Lower Guard Taskforce:

The LGT is made out of what are considered the ‘worst’ candidates of the Recruit Training. They are neither the smartest or the best in combat. They are left to languish in atrocious conditions while their commanders bitch about not having enough men. They have good equipment, but they are sent on missions that are considered suicidal. Their mortality rate for missions frequents 95% or above. Their operations are taken with care, but there are just too many variables within that they must take care of. They never have enough troops, or enough supplies.

They are the smallest of all the Garrison Guard sub units, yet they cover the most ground. They are the Police and Emergency response units of the Surface Dwellers. They enforce what laws they can, yet they are constantly overrun by gangs or resistance fighters. It has gotten to the point where they defend certain checkpoints and areas, specifically around the Horizon Elevators, but that they try not to patrol en-masse, as it just makes them targets for gangs and enemies of the law.



Executors are a sub-section of the Garrison Guard. Separate from its command, however. These units are independent and are for hire mercenary groups, more or less. These men and women are called Executors, and their primary role is to eliminate troublesome Nobles. Retired Executors are often hired by families wanting their sons and daughters to have the best protection, and Executor units can be bought and paid for to provide security to families.

Executors are also hired to eliminate and kill Noble families.

While Executors can be hired as a unit, they are usually in small numbers. Mostly because this would arouse suspicion amongst the Imperial Treasury, who watches the rise and fall of personal accounts quite closely. But, also because the Executors are damned expensive, and because usually there is only one needed for any certain job.

Executors are drawn from the Praetorians, as well as the best men and women of the Commom Defence Unit and the Lower Guard Taskforce. The reasons for this is that LGT men and women live in horrendous circumstances. They must keep peace amidst lawlessness. Their entire life is suicide missions and a high probability of death by street violence, especially at the beginning of the story, with the Resistance causing such a menace within the bowels of Capitallium.


Imperial Army of Her Majesty:

Imperial Command Guard:

These are the soldiers assigned to Admirals and Generals. They are in charge of their defence and safety.

Imperial Battle Marines:

Battle Marines are exceptional troops, they are used alongside Executors in boarding parties, and swift and lightning assaults on enemy fortifications on the ground. They excel at assault and are trained specifically to kill thousands of enemies in boarding parties.

Imperial Dropmen:

Dropmen are trained to fire down from Space onto a planet, or be fired broadside into an enemy ship. They are suited up in a Atmospheric Protection Unit, which allows them to hurtle through space and through a planet’s atmosphere without burning up. The Unit is very small, with room for only one person. It is lightly armed, with only one cannon for firing, and even then, that doesn’t even come online until the Dropmen have passed the atmosphere. These units are used to rain death from above for an enemy, and then land in small groups to cause as much havoc and destruction as possible. It is all so that the enemy is distracted when the main boarding ships descend – carrying four hundred troops per transport.

They are also fired into enemy ships for the same reason, to clear a path and to suppress enemies before the Tunnellers arrive.

Dropmen are usually taken from the lower cadre of students from the Military Academies. They are expendable, and it is their job to be.

However, occasionally this is used alongside members of the Forward Operation Assault squads, as they will descend in Atmospheric Protection Units alongside the Dropmen, with a mission of the utmost importance. This is usually to take out an enemy Shield Generator, or a main reactor, or anything that will significantly harm enemy defensive positions.

Imperial Deathtroopers:

Deathtroopers are the main line of infantry. Despite their name, they are not used as Death Squads. They are simply called eathtroopers as it is a menacing name, meant to inspire dread and terror in opposing enemies. The Deathtroopers are highly trained in sustained warfare, and are trained for every scenario. Every Deathtrooper squad is trained and capable of taking out multiple War-Frames from a hidden area. They are also trained in sustaining a firefight, even with limited ammo, with when to stagger their shots, who to kill first, and in multiple ways.

Deathtroopers are trained to work within their squad, to reach a single objective and to survive.

A squad of Deathtroopers is four hundred and one soldiers – one captain and four hundred other troops. Every fifty troopers are lead by a Sergeant, who has operational and independent command of forty nine other troops.

Deathtroopers are usually lead by a Noble, but that Noble will not have been trained alongside the Deathtroopers.

Imperial Cloakers:

Cloakers are Sharpshooters, they are trained as snipers and their role is to pick off key enemy targets. They are equipped with InvisCloaks, hence the name Cloakers, and are trained in stealth and silence. Occasionally a few will accompany a Deathtroopers Squad, but most of the time they are working independently under the direct guidance of High Command.

Forward Operational Assault:

FOA Units are high class assault units that are used to break enemy defences. They normally work in conjoint with the Mechanized Infantry, as they are expert soldiers at demolitions and destruction, and trench digging. They are also responsible for setting up defensive areas, and for setting up the defences of areas that were recently conquered.

Imperial Mechanized Infantry:

The Imperial Mechanized Infantry are the Mechanized units of the Imperium. This involves WAR-FRAMES, as well as tanks and heavy infantry that are armed with rocket launchers, anti-tank weapons and artillery units. It involves a broad scope of soldiers.




Famous Guards of Lords and Ladies of the Imperium: