Characters (Minimal)

Characters (Minimal)

Character List:

This is a character list, but not a full one! That will come later. This contains a list of all major and supporting characters up to Chapter Twelve. It gives a brief description of the character, and not much more. However, due to the timing of introducing some new characters, there are still spoilers here. You have been warned.



Catherina Malcarn:

Empress of the Imperium. She is quick, adaptive, intelligent and determined. Born and raised to rule, she is a key player amidst the politics of her Court. She isn’t satisfied to sit back and let herself be ruled by her Nobles.


Genna Malcarn:

Younger sister of Catherina. She is distinctly less active, and much more comfortable in being waited on than doing things herself. She lives a life of luxury, only venturing from the Summer Palace when duty requires, or when she must attend to a matter regarding her son.


Vespallian Malcarn:

Son of Genna Malcarn and Hadrian Venloc. As the only child of the Imperial Family, he is the Crown Prince and heir to the Throne. He is very young, and has only just started to learn the blade from Kaldratos.


Kaldratos Vixiua:

Catherina’s Champion and Commander of the Imperium’s Armada and Forces. He is renowned for his skill in close combat, with a pulseblade as well as with a WAR-FRAME. He is a skilled tactician, but is not comparable to how his father was. He rose to power as Catherina’s Champion on the day she was crowned. When it was attested due to her youth, Kaldratos lead a unit of the Royal Guard in to quell those who stood against her. He and Catherina are very close, and it is rumoured that Kaldratos and Catherina are in an illicit relationship unknown to the Nobility or the Commoners.


Brendon Politar:

One of Kaldratos’s retainers, a Second Knight Royal. He became Kaldratos’ retainer after he saved Kaldratos during an assassination attempt, when he was just a common soldier. Since then, he has become a Knight of the Imperial Sword and has become one of Kaldratos’ closest friends.


Cassandra Politar:

Wife of Brendon, and also one of Kaldratos’ retainers. She was given the rank of Second Knight Royal when Kaldratos knighted her. She is better with a pulseblade than her husband, and is far more confident.


Octavian Lokaln:

Kaldratos’ head retainer and closest friend. They were chosen as Bond-Brothers by their parents at a very young age, hoping to bring the two families closer through ties of friendship. He is the only one who Kaldratos has told that he is going to marry Catherina.


Byron Mackaevilar:

A Second Knight Royal to Kaldratos, and also Admiral of the Vena Fleet within Kaldratos’ Grand Armada Invictus. He is a brilliant commander and leader of men.  


Telusa Asindale:

Knighted by Kaldratos for her charity and kindness, Asindale is not a warrior, but carries House Vixiua’s standard with honour and dignity. She is the kindest of his retainers, and one who is respected by all as a kind and gentle woman.


Alexis Lotar:

Nicknamed he Reaper of the Imperium, Alexis Lotar is a vicious warrior on the battlefield. Despite this nickname, she does her utmost to treat enemies honourably and kindly. She is serving under Admiral Ferna Yuleen in the Onsilidan Sector. 


Calliar Cersey:

Lord Sovereign of Haena and leader of the Populists faction within the Imperium. He is a political demon and holds great sway amongst the Nobles. A member of the Upper Nobility, he distances himself from the usual pretentious behaviour that many of his station hold to. He is fighting for better rights for the Commoners, using all the political savvy at his disposal. This undercover war between him and Catherina on the rights of the Commoners has put him on a collision course with Kaldratos Vixiua many times. The two men have a healthy respect for each other, but the dam is full to bursting.


Rebekah Cersey:

Calliar Cersey’s sole surviving family member. She is close with her father, due to the horrors they both went through when a brutal assassination wiped out their family aside from them.


Claudian Mandwain:

Lord Sovereign of Fiscio, and head of House Mandwain. He is a burly man, and a staunch supporter of Empress Catherina. He is pretentious and arrogant, and despises the Commoners for being ‘born lesser’.


Balarae Narses:

Lady Sovereign of Vespin, leader of House Narses. She is a cunning woman, and one of the many enemies of Calliar Cersey.


Terwyn Cavantale:

Heir to House Cavantale, the boy is arrogant and deadly with a pulseblade.


Romulan Lakratus:

A renowned Admiral within the Imperium. He is Admiral of the Carnivore fleet. He was once Kaldratos’ tutor after his father was killed.


Universal Collective of Allied Planets and Systems:


Clarisa Randera:

Daughter of Lascian Randera, the man who started the rebellion against the Imperium and named his nation the Universal Collective of Allied Planets and Systems. She is High Lady of UCAPS and Head of the Assembly.


Ignatios Caspar:

Supreme Commander of UCAPS and the one responsible for killing Magnus Vixiua and capturing Eleusis Vixiua and Lelliana Octarna. He despises the Imperium, Nobility and Commoners alike. He sees every member of the Imperium as something of a plague, and believes that they must be eradicated. Because of this, he is renowned for his brutality against the Imperium.


Eleusis Vixiua/Hannibal:

Forced from his home, he was trained as an Officer within the Officer Academy on Ilusia Station. He was then given as a Military Advisor to General Mallius Orno of the 83rd Armed Corps, a large but mediocre force. He is a strategic genius, and has pulled off the Miracle of Gavalon, where his tactics highhandedly saved the entire 83rd Armed Corps from being wiped out by a superior foe. His superior, Orno, despises him for being better than him, and Eleusis is only too happy to relish in his own genius.

Hannibal is a different beast. Eleusis’ alternative personality. Hannibal is cruel, but only to a point. He is willing to do terrible things for his goals to succeed. With an overwhelming wish to change the Universe and bring ultimate peace, he believes only he can achieve it. Whether through utter domination and subjugation of all his enemies, both within UCAPS and the Imperium, or through peace. He intends to bring unity to a fractured Universe.


Lelliana Octarna:

Lelliana and Eleusis were betrotehd before the attack, an arranged marriage between their two families. The two were close; but being the sole people they knew in a foreign land, and knowing that someone finding out who they truly were could get them killed, brought them much closer. Still, the two have not seen each other in nearly a year, due to Eleusis being deployed within the 83rd Armed Corps. 

Lelliana is intelligent, quick-witted and manipulative. The perfect complement to the Universe’s greatest killer.

Myron Polama:

A kindly man, Myron saved Eleusis and Lelliana when he met them. He gave them shelter, food, clothing and friendship. He has become Eleusis’ closest friend, and one of the few people who Eleusis will go out of his way to protect and defend. To Eleusis, Myron replaced the brother whom he lost during Ignatios Caspar’s attack. That is a bond that does not break easily.


Monika Jul:

Second-in-command to Eleusis within his WAR-FRAME Corps. She is intelligent, loyal and courageous. She has often advised Eleusis on ways to refine his own strategies, acting as a counter-part to him. Mallius Orno is her uncle, but she does not speak to him often, as there is bad blood between her mother and him.



Ignatios Caspar’s fixer, killer and guard dog. Agarov is famed for leading his Faded Lance Corp in many battles, and protecting Caspar many times. He is not someone to be messed with, and he is wholly loyal to Ignatios, whom he has been friends with for many years.



Another one of Caspar’s guards, she is trusted by Ignatios deeply, and it is rumoured that the two are having an affair. However, the last one to bring this up was found dead in alley way with his eyes stabbed out, and so the rumour dies quite quickly.

She is a strong woman and has fought side-by-side with Agarov for four years.