A Conquest of the Stars is a trilogy. It began in June of 2016, and the first book in the trilogy The Heart’s Anguish will be posted on here, as will the others when they are completed.


The Heart’s Anguish:


Stolen from his home, Eleusis is forced to wage a war against his brother. He now serves the ones who killed his father and stole him away. With the hope of creating a better universe from the ashes of the old, he will be forced to do terrible things.

Having risen to power as the Champion of Her Majesty, Kaldratos must unify a divided Imperium and save his Empress from the foes surrounding her. Faced with debauchery, assassinations, duels and plots; he must bring stability to a splintering Empire, or forever be remembered as the one who lost everything.

Narrowly escaping the destruction of her home; Risa finds herself entangled in the plots of the Imperium as her saviours fight to destroy it from within. Caught between her fear of death and her loyalty to the ones who saved her, she must find her own path amidst a web of deceit and betrayal.

The Heart’s Anguish is a web-novel. Each Chapter is roughly 1500-3000 words in length, with a new Chapter being posted each Friday.

Readers should be warned that The Heart’s Anguish can be quite grim. The storyscape is centered around war, assassinations and political plots. The reality of this is that people die, a lot. Often without ever reaching the goal that they wanted to. Eleusis can’t win all the time, Kaldratos cannot save everyone, and Risa doesn’t know how to survive in the world she’s thrown into. As well as this, the language can occasionally be unclean. If any of that sounds disturbing or too bad for you, leave now.

If you’re interested, you can read the first chapter here.

Happy reading!